Kersitin. This form of massage was developed at the esalen institute, the renowned healing arts center in big sur, widely recognized as the cradle of american bodywork. Kerstin is a version of kirsten (scandinavian, latin):

Castupload Kerstin de Ahna
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Website twitter facebook instagram youtube hey, i'm kerstin! The modality i practice, is called deep bodywork tm. They feel rough and often appear in groups on the upper arms and bottom.

Castupload Kerstin de Ahna

Kerstin is a version of kirsten (scandinavian, latin): Keratin is the type of protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. From kerstin 20 years of experience all bodies are deserving of compassionate touch. Kerstin florian international began life as a spa at the surf and sand resort in laguna beach in 1978, before expanding into skincare treatments.