Love Your Body, Love Creation and Standing Rockwater is life

The Community House project Love Your Body/Love Creation is rooted in the same passion that is sustaining tens of thousands of people at Standing Rock. – the sacredness of creation. How can we understand this connection between the religious belief of Native Peoples in the sacredness of the earth and Christian tradition?

These few quotations below might help us better understand our Christian theological connection to what is happening at Standing Rock. This then leads us to our own Community House project Love Your Body/Love Creation.

  From “Spiritual Ecology: Cry of the Earth”

(Thomas Berry) “The indigenous peoples of this continent tried to teach us the value of the land but unfortunately we could not understand them… We desired to teach them our ways, never thinking that they could teach us theirs.”

(Sister Miriam Mac Gillis )“Typically the religious messages we hold are still based on our separation from nature – the pursuit of God is equally separated from nature…we don’t go out into our backyard and kneel down before the soil and know that we are in the face of sacred mystery. It’s just dirt to us: its opaque. its real estate. Whoever has the deed owns it.

(Theologian Norman Wirzba) “In Genesis 2 the centrality of soil is even more pronounced than in Genesis 1. Here God fashions the first human being by taking the dust of the ground into his hands… It is only as the ground is suffused with God’s intimate, breathing presence that human life – along with the life of trees and animals and birds – is possible. .”  (Italics from prologue)

(Rabbi Arthur Waskow) “The notion of YHWH as “the Breath of Life” accords with a deep sense of God as intimate and transcendent at once. … Moreover, it makes profound sense for at least one of the real Names of the real God to be …not in any single language but in all of them, or in some form of expression that both underlies and transcends language: just breathing, which all humans of all peoples do.”

I had never heard of eco-theology, spiritual ecology, or creation spirituality. When I did venture into Christian eco-theology, I recognized the kinship with other religious traditions.  God’s active presence is everywhere; not limited to human experience.

Native American religious experience has maintained this unity while eco-theology attempts to reconnect our Christian tradition with this larger awareness of God’s active presence. This will not take the form of Native American traditions but it will help us share the religious passion to protect sacred space.

Now, what does this have to do with our Community House project Love Your Body/Love Creation ? Everything !  Love Your Body begins with our connection with the earth – described in our biblical tradition and available to us in food growing that keeps destructive practices from our bodies and out of the soil. Love Your Body/Love Creation helps us learn to live in harmony with the natural fertility and abundance of Creation.