A new project!

Love Your Body / Love the Earth, is in the early stages of creation. Cindy & Jeff Berkowitz and Claudia Detwiler will be sharing information about ways in which our food choices can show love of our body and love of our earth. We will provide information – and fun eating times- to help us understand the connection between our health and the health of the earth.

This is a project about food, people, other creatures, the earth and our relationship with the Creator. What we eat is one of many ways in which we connect with one another, with other creatures, with all of creation, and with the Creator.

Returning our planet to a healthier status is going to require lots of choices. One of these is food choices. We all know that we need Information to eat in ways that care for our bodies. Once we have that, we start assessing what changes we can make to eat more healthfully and how many changes we want to take on.

What are your heathy eating considerations? – Money? Time? New Food Preparation Skills? Different places to shop? Potential benefit as a trade-off for changing your shopping and eating routines? To care for the earth we encounter the same considerations: New Information, Cost, Time, Energy to undertake change and questions about our benefits of our choices for the earth. The good news is that healthy eating for our bodies is often the pathway to healthy eating for the earth as well. So….what are the issues in eating to love the earth (and all of its inhabitants).

Foods’ carbon footprint? Soil depletion from factory farming? Badly treated migrant workers bringing us inexpensive food? Water pollution from run-off ? Food waste? Abuse of animals for mass production of meat? Agri-business’s impact on rural communities ? Workers exposed to toxic chemicals to mass produce “inexpensive” food. It can feel overwhelming. Actually, it is overwhelming. The good news is that we can help each other sort it out.

Stay tuned for more reflection on impacts of food choices for healthy bodies and care of the earth…and for Love Your Body/Love the Earth meal times together.