At the beginning of this year, I wrote about not making resolutions to change a habit, begin a new habit, or lose weight but to resolve to be happy. I invited you to join me to resolve to be joyous happy this year by cultivating a practice of daily gratitude. Many of us at Community House have joined together to practice gratitude daily by entering into our journals every evening 3 things we were grateful for that day. Some of us have even been sharing our daily gratitudes with each other once a week in a private Facebook group. We are cheering each other on and bearing witness to each other’s lives. You’re not grateful because you are happy, you’re happy because you are grateful.

Let’s build on this theme of cultivating happiness and satisfaction in life as we move into the season of Lent next week by expanding on our daily practice of cultivating true happiness. Most people “give up” something for the Lenten season as a spiritual practice. I’d like to shake that up a bit and suggest that instead of taking away from our lives this season that we instead “add into” our lives. As a health coach, I love working with my clients and helping them meet their healthy lifestyle goals not by taking things away from them like “weight loss diets” often do but by helping them to add in things that support a healthy lifestyle.

The theory goes that as you add into your diet and lifestyle healthy foods and practices you then “crowd out” unhealthy ones. When you add plant-based whole foods into your diet cravings diminish because your nutritional needs are met and the fiber in the plants naturally curbing hunger. I’d like to apply this paradigm to our spiritual health as well. Let’s add in healthy practices that support us body and soul so as to crowd out practices that do not.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Instead of giving up meat, add in green leafy vegetables
  • Instead of giving up chocolate, start being more social, or take a walk with a loved one

You get the idea. Leave some comments below about what healthy practices you’d like to add into your life that support health and wellness for your body and soul.