Love Your Body, Love the Earth (Creation)…

I would posit that this series is really about Love Your Body, Love Creation. Yes, we live on the planet Earth but to just call it a planet is to diminish its significance and its miracle of existence. There are lots of planets but we have yet to find one nearby that sustains life. Everything in creation is connected and as science has born out when you affect one system you affect all systems. As humans we are part of the creation system. We, the love your body love the earth bloggers, are making the connection between your body’s wellness and your soul’s wellness and the wellness of the Earth on which we all depend. As this series goes on we will be talking science, ecology (of the body and the Earth) and in what ways we can honor creation by taking care of it as best we can. Today, I’m talking about food and the ways we use it to not only nourish our bodies but to help us flourish in our lives. When we flourish we are living to our full potential listening to the calling of our souls.

I believe food is a miracle from God. All of creation is alive and food grows in soil that is alive. Food not only fills our bellies and satisfies our physical hunger but it stimulates our senses with its beauty in all of nature’s glorious colors, its fabulous aroma, its sensuous textures, and last but not least its delightful tastes. Food is an organic way of connecting to our souls by taking us away from our brains and ideas to sensing the world as a wonderFull, caring and loving place. Babies learn this in their caretaker’s arms.

God’s creation sustains us with all of the delights that grow on this green Earth. It’s a feeling of radical amazement: Amazing that we are here, amazing that food just grows, amazing that other creatures exist, amazing we have water, sun, dirt, and each other. Meals on your plate can reflect all of this wonder: Real foods: like vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, meat, butter, olive oil, cheese, herbs, spices, and Bread.dinner-party

The foods we choose to put on the plate are a reflection of our values, our culture, and our feelings. Making a delicious meal with real ingredients from whole foods connects us to God and God’s creation. As Christians we value this connection when we say grace at the table. When we eat together we are sharing in this grace. Food is a conduit for communion with God, family, and your community. God has provided food for us as an expression of love and we provide food for others as an expression of our love for them. It’s a demonstration of our love and respect for those at our tables.”

Hospitality around the table creates sacred space for love, sharing, caring, and God. Holding space around the table for one another is sacred and meaningful. At the table we can be ourselves and leave behind all the day’s worries. Conversation flows as we share with each other our hopes, our joys and our concerns. We bond with each at the table and in this sacred space we have carved out for each other Love is expressed and received at the table. God is found in the spaces between us at the table.

Here at CHPC, we take in the full flavor of life. Our “Food for the Soul” Community House meals are building a community of faith, hope, love and justice centered around the table where everyone is welcome. In what ways