Soil is More Than Just Dirt

Soil is far more than just dirt, in fact, soil is an entire ecosystem in and of itself containing: sand, decaying and decayed organic matter, worms and other bugs, bacteria and viruses, and various mycelia. The question is: how does one provide stewardship for this ecosystem?

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Caring for Creation

Love Your Body, Love Creation Series… Like most of us, I have been struggling with what actions are right for me going into 2017. Working for the “common good” is going to have a hard time against “I’ve got mine” in our unfettered, for-profit society. Where does... read more

Being a Neighbor

We’ve been involved in their ministry for over 30 years, and our youth served a shelter meal there just this month. But the Mission Team tells me it’s time to reintroduce folks to their need for ongoing support of the Food Pantry.

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Standing Rock

Love Your Body, Love Creation and Standing Rock The Community House project Love Your Body/Love Creation is rooted in the same passion that is sustaining tens of thousands of people at Standing Rock. – the sacredness of creation. How can we understand this connection... read more

God at the Dinner Table

Love Your Body, Love the Earth (Creation)… I would posit that this series is really about Love Your Body, Love Creation. Yes, we live on the planet Earth but to just call it a planet is to diminish its significance and its miracle of existence. There are lots of... read more

Farming Matters

Love Your Body Love the Earth Series… When 85% of us were responsible for producing food things were simple, we knew where our food came from. Now that only 3% of us are directly involved with food production and we have every kind of food we can think of at our... read more

Love Your Body, Love the Earth

A new project! Love Your Body / Love the Earth, is in the early stages of creation. Cindy & Jeff Berkowitz and Claudia Detwiler will be sharing information about ways in which our food choices can show love of our body and love of our earth. We will provide... read more

Sharing Our Stories: Rick

Today, we would like to share the faith story of Rick—someone who joined us at Community House after having previously left the Christian Church. He had begun to feel that churches were too focused on adherence to a checklist of very narrow beliefs. At Community... read more

Sharing Our Stories

Here at Community House, we are quite fortunate to have so many caring and thoughtful members. We’re also blessed that most of them are articulate and passionate about their reasons for joining and remaining active participants in our faith community. We will be... read more

About Those K-CUPS!

So, I would say that there was no problem with brewing coffee, but there is now, if one uses these single-serve machines and the paraphernalia that pollutes our world.

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