Being a Neighbor

PrintEarlier this month, three of our members, Sharon French, Lynn Weber, and Cindy Berkowitz, attended a neighborhood party. It was held at Northside Common Ministries on Brighton Road, to introduce neighbors to their Food Pantry. We’ve been involved in their ministry for over 30 years, and our youth served a shelter meal there just this month. But the Mission Team tells me it’s time to reintroduce folks to their need  for ongoing support of the Food Pantry.

Jesus summed up life as a matter of loving God and our neighbor. We have the good fortune to be located in a neighborhood with lots of opportunities to do that. The party included a tour of NCM, with its shopping-style pantry, 25-bed men’s shelter, and facilities for health care, job search, utilities assistance, and even tax preparation. Our neighbors have many needs. One thing that’s abundantly clear in the current political muddle is that just having a job in today’s America no longer guarantees that you’re able to provide for your family. Hardworking people often need help, and those are the people who use the food pantry.

There’s a big plastic bin behind the coffee table in the Friendship Room for donations to NCM.  Have you looked into it lately?  Plenty of room. There’s a regular appeal in the Pulse for financial gifts too. What’s needed now is for you and me to develop the regular habit of buying an extra item at the grocery store or writing an extra check.  Jay Poliziani, the Director of NCM, says that support from churches is declining, and they’ve been looking to the business sector to take up the slack. My friends, that may be the vision of some for our country, but it’s not God’s will for us. We’re in the business of loving our neighbor, and we have no more important business than that.