Kids and Teens

This being Community House, our Christian Education program is not a didactic classroom where young people memorize lots of texts and put together canned craft kits.

It’s a laboratory where we use hands-on-learning such as art, singing, video, direct community service, and group activity to explore and learn what Christianity is, what being a Christian means, and how that is expressed in the world.  

Currently, there are two primary age groups younger children preschool through fourth grade, and children in middle/high school. Sometimes the groups participate together in a large group activity.

The overall goals of the Community House Presbyterian Church’s Christian Education program kids and teens is that they:


  • are welcomed, embraced and known within the larger worship community;
  • learn what Christianity is, through Scripture, both to themselves as well as to this church express Christian values through service and experiential learning

By accomplishing these goals, we believe that children will have a foundation for life, that they can grow a spiritual life into adulthood, enjoy their church community, and experience their own agency as they grow and learn.


Community House’s curriculum, developed in consultation with professional educators, is based on the liturgical seasons, with scriptures and Bible stories directly applied our lives through experiential learning: art and media production, service, reflection and conversation.

Major stories such as the Good Samaritan, the Birth of Christ, and the teachings of the Apostles serve as backdrops for conversations about important topics such as loving our neighbors, hope, and belonging.

As we develop our curriculum, we will continue to shape and refine, as a community, what we want our children to really learn so that our young people can in turn shape and refine their identity, confident about who they are in the world as witnesses to love and justice.

It is also plain old fun enjoying life together through movies, cooking, making a big art piece, picking up trash, making photographs, and more.

Four Pillars

The four main pillars of the Christian Education program at Community House are Worship, The Word, Service, and Family/Friendship.


  • Children are welcome into the service, participate and are visible.
  • Children learn the history of Worship and what Worship means at Community House.
  • Children discover Worship as a community expression.


  • Children learn and interpret Bible stories and teachings.
  • Children respond to the Bible through art, inquiry, and discussion.
  • Children make connections between scripture, worship and sacramental life.


  • Children share their gifts and experience themselves as members of the larger community through experiential learning.
  • Children learn the value of loving their neighbor as themselves.
  • Servant leadership is a tenet that is modeled for our children.

Family and Friendship

  • Children have fun, positive experiences with each other in and outside of church, building a network of allies.
  • Children have the profound experience of what is means to be loved and to belong.
  • Peer learning and mentorship are at the heart of our Christian Education Program.