About Us

Community House Presbyterian Church exists as a place where people can gather, have meaningful conversations, learn and grow as people, and worship. We are a progressive community full of intellect and passion. At our church, you find more than an intimate community of acceptance and a sense of belonging: you also find your authentic spiritual home.

The perception of religion in the world today can make it difficult for our message of acceptance to reach our community. We are captive to the radical right that disparages our brothers and sisters. We want anyone thinking about worshiping with us to understand that when they hear “church” that we’re different from the rest of these. At Community House, you don’t have to check your brains at the door in order to come in and explore deep issues with others.


We are a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA), but there is no one denomination here. People come here, frequently, as self-described “refugees” from other churches. We help people find a home for their heart, a place where they can grow, and discover their own story and be their authentic selves.We welcome individuals and families of all types. We believe that a community of faith can play an important role in instilling our children with the lifelong universal values of respect, kindness and acceptance.

To us, nothing could be more traditional than standing for love and justice. Within faith traditions, these are historical conversations that ground our lives and give us meaning. We are an open community in which love and justice are given primacy of place.