kcupSometimes we have been offered solutions to problems we didn’t have. I mean how hard is it to make a cup of coffee?  But, here we are with 9 billion coffee pods or K-cups sold in 2015 and “precisely zero of them can be easily recycled.”   Were those tiny little pods placed end to end they would encircle the earth ten times!
But, they say they are improving. The new company is Green Mountain, so its got to be environmentally good.  BUT, the plastic cup,which comes from oil, has an almost eternal lifespan, and its topper is aluminum.  So, I would say that there was no problem with brewing coffee, but there is now, if one uses these single-serve machines and the paraphernalia that pollutes our world.  Want to know lots more about this?  See the NYTimes article by David Gelles on April 17th or check it out online at The New York Times K-Cup Recyclable but Hardly Eco-friendly.  – Bill Sadler